Experience improving performance and productivity

We have helped our customers to achieve objectives such as improving performance, consolidating functions, and reducing costs.  We leverage the potential of technologies such as barcodes and RFID; databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, and SAP; and business intelligence platforms such as SAS, Business Objects, and Cognos. We build and adapt systems for automation of operations to delivery of advanced analytics.

      Business process automation
        ●  Purchasing and billing systems design
        ●  Automated logistics and truck scales for international manufacturer
        ●  Automated data and report distribution by email and fax
        ●  Automated accounts payable processing
        ●  Environmental compliance database and reports


    Information delivery
        ●  Automated enterprise dashboards with drill-down to detail 
        ●  Executive information systems with enterprise performance models
        ●  Demand-driven reports from business intelligence platforms
        ●  Automated statistical analyses and data visualizations.

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